Antje's Barbell Badass Program

For female fitness beginners starting from zero
who want to learn how to lift.


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What is the Barbell Badass program?

This program is your easy entry into strength training if you don’t have the chance to work one-on-one with a personal trainer.

A progression of three consecutive workout plans will gradually turn you into a barbell badass,
guiding you from your first strength training steps at home to being a knowledgeable lifter at the gym in only 6 months.

Three phases to reach your ultimate goal:


1st + 2nd MONTH:

You’ll start training at home with
resistance bands. You’ll get a feeling for your body and muscles and learn the basics of clean nutrition. Get your first results by pushing yourself through three 30-minute workouts per week.

Some of the exercises you will be doing:


3rd + 4th MONTH:

You’ll take your training to the next level
and start working out at the gym with machines and free weights. You’ll train three times per week for 60 minutes with this safe but challenging workout plan. Watch your body change with this training and nutrition advice.

Some of the exercises you will be doing:


5th + 6th MONTH:

You’re levelling up to a woman who is confidently entering the weights room at the gym. You will be looking forward to your workouts. You will go to the gym three times per week and work out for 75 minutes. This plan will make you the strongest you have ever been before. 

Some of the exercises you will be doing:

My program is for women who...

... would like to

... have

Hi, this is me, Antje!

I am a one-woman-business and have put a lot of experience, passion and time into this program. I even built the website and app myself.

Let me introduce myself and my program to you.

Get 25 free pages from the program for an exclusive sneak-peek:

Train & Learn

The majority of women is feeling uncomfortable with their body. Take action now and let the program guide you to become strong & get your best body.

Happy clients, happy me

Happy clients, happy me

Access Antje’s Barbell Badass program from anywhere!

On your computer & tablet!

On your phone!

Getting started is super easy!

  1. Get the program. Download the PDF files.
  2. Get a set of resistance bands. (Advice included.)
  3. Read the Welcome and Nutrition Guide.
  4. Optional: Get the companion app (for only 5,99€)
  5. Start working out.

Barbell Badass

  • eGuides
  • Nutrition Guide

Barbell Badass
Program + App

  • eGuides
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Mobile App (Android or iOS)

Barbell Badass
Program + App + Nutrition

  • eGuides
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Mobile App (Android or iOS)
  • Custom Nutrition Check

Still not sure if the program is for you?

I totally understand and I would like you to be 100% clear about your decision.
Just leave your e-mail address and I will send 25 FREE PAGES from the program to you.

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Who is Antje?

I’m a former manager of teams and companies in the technology and media industry who decided to make a career change to pursue a passion:
Enabling other women to become strong, confident and get the body they are feeling beautiful in.
These days, I am a self-employed personal trainer and online fitness coach, specialised in strength training for women with a focus on physical and mental health and happiness.

I was born in Germany in 1985 and a very unathletic child. I didn’t do any sports as a child or teenager. Only the ending of an unhappy and controlling relationship and 2 miscarriages got me into strength training when I was 28 years old and feeling my weakest, physically and mentally.

All the knowledge and passion in the programs I created is not only based on my qualifications and training as a personal trainer. The heart of these programs are my awesome clients with all their struggles and progress. And myself. I have come from zero to being a barbell badass in only a few years with no help. With my programs, I am making it easier for other women to do the same.

I know how it is to have a busy life.

Don’t waste your time with inefficient training!

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